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Friday, July 5, 2013

30 before 30: #11 - lose 5kg

When I came up with my 30 before 30 list, I thought achieving my 11th goal of losing 5kgs would be the hardest of the lot. Since my knee reconstruction, I had let my eating habits get the better of me and was no longer listening to my body about what it needed in terms of energy.

I am pleased to say that I'm down over 5kgs (WOOHOO!) and would ideally like to drop another 5kg to get smack bang into the middle of my healthy range (according to BMI).

I attribute my success to two key factors:

1. Sessions with my wonderful hypnotherapist... 

...who has helped "reprogram" (for want of a better term) my habits and behaviours with respect to eating. Seriously people, get yourself a hypno. Pronto!

I'm now eating (and, for that matter, living) much more mindfully and in the moment. I find myself listening to my body and more frequently asking if I'm *really* hungry, or just reaching for the biscuit jar out of habit. More often than not, it's the latter. There are no rules or calorie restrictions - it's all about eating when I'm hungry, enjoying my food and not over-eating. You can't get any more simple than that, right?! The changes I've made are both empowering and liberating, and I'm glad to be back in a healthy and sustainable head-space when it comes to my eating habits.

2. More moving!

I am close to half way through completing the Up & Running 5k program. This is the brain child of the brilliant Shauna Reid and coach extraordinaire, Julia Jones and provides a virtual training program  for women with the goal of completing a 5km run at its conclusion. I cannot endorse the program highly enough - the support and bonding of the women involved keeps participants accountable and, on a personal level, keeps me striving for success.

Although I have run a number of 5km runs (i.e. doing the course wasn't about achieving a distance goal), my times have been extremely slow. This is unsurprising given that in the past, I've done no more than about two training runs before every fun run. However, this time I've set myself a time target that I'm working towards and have a fun run locked in in mid-August.

In between my three running sessions per week, I'm participating in work-run group fitness classes twice a week and the odd game of basketball here and there. I realise that this is a lot of activity and am very carefully monitoring my body. I expected that I'd be feeling sore and run down as a consequence of all this moving (especially through this cold winter), but instead I'm feeling energised and very healthy. Win!

As an aside, one of the coolest parts of my three weeks of regular running has been seeing the definition that is developing in my thunder thighs. They are still thunderous, but there are muscles under the thunder. Muscles, I tell you!

Anyway, enough rambling. To sum it up, I'm feeling fit, healthy and positive - a good place to be when one is about to enter their thirties, me thinks!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fresh fillers

Slowly and surely, I'm getting back into the intuitive eating groove. One of my self-imposed "rules" requires that I eat foods that appeal to me - i.e. those things that I'm craving. When I slow down, listen to my body and really think about what it is that I want to eat, more often than not I'm actually drawn to fresh produce. Now, we all know that I'm not going to go to the fridge and munch on a capsicum for dinner, but I have managed to throw together some pretty delicious meals of late, so I thought I'd share. 

Let's start with breakfast, because, well, it comes first. I'm a massive breakfast eater and find it hard to understand how people are able to exercise before eating in the morning. Heck, I even find it hard to understand how people get themselves to work sans breakfast. Truly remarkable! I wake up ravenous and instinctively gravitate towards a combination of carbs, protein and fibre. I don't seem to be able to stomach processed foods in the mornings (pity about the rest of my day...). I digress.

My penchant for certain breakfasts seems to run in 6-10 month cycles - i.e. I eat a relatively similar breakfast for around 6 months, until I move into my next "phase". Apparently, I'm not good with least not at in the morning! For the first 8 months of year, it was all about porridge with nut butter and fruit. However, since September I've amped up the dairy and have created what I think is my best breakfast to date: toast topped with honey, ricotta and fresh fruit. 

I don't think I need to explain how to "make" this (okay, okay, here you go: toast bread; spread honey; heap on some fresh ricotta; top with berries, banana or whatever takes your fancy). Quick, easy, filling and quite frankly, delicious. For those of you who find pairing ricotta with honey strange, just trust me. It. Is. Amazing.

Moving onto my staple once-a-week post-work dinner - stir fry. I love how colourful and fresh my wok looks straight after cooking. In the mix last night? Minced chicken, onion, broccoli, bok choy, button mushrooms, wombok and some leftover carrot, broccoli and beetroot slaw (Beetroot in a stir fry? Why not!).

To keep things exciting, I tend to throw whatever veggies I have on hand into my stir fries; however, I must confess that I'm not all that creative in the stir fry sauce department. My staple sauce involves some sort of combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce. As a food blogger, I should probably be ashamed that I have not been sufficiently motivated to mix things up in the last decade or so.... but on the other hand, why mess with a good thing? 

So there you have it - some healthy meal ideas that you can whip up in a jiffy. Enjoy! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A relatively healthy start

And so the intuitive eating began on the weekend. Overall, I was not altogether displeased. While I over-indulged a wee bit at a friend's 30th barbecue celebrations, the weekend was generally packed with fruit, veggies and a reasonable amount of movement.

"What were the highlights?", I hear you ask. Behold! A collage of my weekend:

  1. Quick frozen veg and ham omelette with a sprinkling of hot paprika.
  2. Breakfast at Bear Brass - perfectly poached eggs around the table. Mine were enjoyed with a side of bacon and a skinny flat white. 
  3. Sampling of a new yoghurt - Roaming Cow. With a name like that, how could I possibly resist?! The verdict? Pretty tasty, but not overly sweet (two big ticks); however, I prefer my yoghurt a little less runny. 
  4. Mum's famous bruschetta (recipe here) hastily eaten on a Salada (hey, the price of tomatoes practically requires taking out a second mortgage right now - you've gotta be quick!).
  5. Breakfast smoothie: frozen banana, frozen blueberries, milk and a hefty dose of cinnamon. What does it spell? Delicious.
  6. A 4-and-a-bit kilometre run with my beloved - a PB for us too (that's personal best in sporty parlance) - we're now reaching such supersonic speeds as 6-7 minutes per kilometre. I know, I know, Usain, Yohan Blake you guys better watch it - I'm hot on your tail!
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time to lose it

For the last ten years my waist line has oscillated between healthy and a wee bit overweight. I have, at no point, been super skinny, nor have I been grossly overweight or obese. As a connoisseur of food, I found that the best way to manage my weight has been not to restrict. To eat what my body is craving, enjoy every mouthful and simply stop when I'm full. Intuitive eating, if you will. This eminently sensible approach fell by the wayside in late 2011 and 2012, as I focused on my rehabilitation and completing my studies, while juggling work commitments. I gave myself permission to indulge and medicate, to an extent, with comfort food....And you know what? I'm okay with that.


Having said that, it's now time to get back to being more aware of what I eat - cognisant of what my body's telling me about my state of hunger/fullness. It's time to start eating what I'm craving - not what I think I should eat. Basically, it's time to get my BMI down from 27 to 25 or less.

"What's driving this desire to change?", you may ask. Well, apart from the obvious (I'd prefer not to have to purchase a brand new wardrobe!), I'm slowly (slowly being the key word here!) getting into some longer distance running. I feel that carrying the extra kilos while pounding the pavement is not only bad for my knee, which is still slowly heeling, but also inhibits my strength and speed.

Accordingly, for the next few weeks (maybe months), I'll be sharing with you my progress, some of my eats and, of course, my fitness achievements, as I attempt to reduce that BMI by 2.

Many would question the timing of this decision - what, with all the Christmas goodies on offer right now. However, as I noted, this is not at all about restricting. If I'm craving a mince tart, then I'm going to have one. I'm going to enjoy every mouthful and stop eating it when I'm satisfied.


So, here we go guys - time to get back into shape and reconnect with my food and hunger at a deeper  level. Wish me luck!