Saturday, February 19, 2011


Where: Misht (245 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick, VIC, 3185)
What: four course banquet for two ($29 special)
Rating: 12/20

My beloved and I decided a celebratory dinner was in order this weekend. To celebrate what, you ask? Two months until "Eurotrip2011" of course! Mind you, the meal was not especially inspired by Europe - instead, we opted to use a coupon we had purchased some time ago for an Indian meal at Misht.

Now, arguably 7pm is too early to eat out on a Friday night - call me old, but an early meal appeals! Upon entering Misht we were rather dismayed to find we were the only diners in the establishment.
Fortunately, as soon as our soup arrived, so too did a family of three, who were promptly followed by some larger groups - *phew*!

Speaking of soup, the tomato soup was the highlight of the meal for yours truly. It was extremely tasty, with gutsy punches of coriander. The image below really does not do the dish justice. 
The following course was less exciting and consisted of a trio of bite sized morsels, included spiced chicken, tandoori mushroom and a lamb dumpling.
While the dish was far from bad, it lacked the refinement of the soup and was a tad heavy on the salt.

Onto main, which consisted of spiced rice, a spinach and corn dish (pictured)...
...goat curry...
...and my beloved's favourite dish of the evening - cheese naan.
The mains were all certainly satisfactory - indeed, they were considerably better than much of the Indian fare on offer in Melbourne. The quantities were incredibly generous for only two diners; a fact that must have been evident to the waiter (who, may I add was a charming and attentive fellow!), who offered to pack our desserts up to take home. We jumped at the offer - our behinds somewhat numb from the hard wooden chairs - and enjoyed a piping hot, spiced carrot pudding and a cup of tea at home.

Misht has a lot going for it - great staff and very promising cuisine. However, more emphasis on ambiance would elevate the experience to a whole new level.

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  1. Looks good - especially the cheese naan and spinach curry. Very jealous of your Europe trip.

  2. Thanks Elisa - was definitely a more than reasonable meal. Will be posting through Europe...feel free to live vicariously through!

  3. ok.. you have gotten me hooked onto those discount websites now... eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! I already got a voucher for a meal at Curry leaf and am so wanting to go to Norfolk island. sigh. Eeek!
    Hey, I am in no way a foodie... but I think that Khrisna indian restaurant on bay road in Cheltenham has really good food. We tend to be rather picky with our indian food, but we have liked everything we have had there so far.

  4. I'm always open to recommendations, so I'll definitely add that one to the list. It really is hard to find good Indian fare around these parts...I have no idea why!
    Sorry re: voucher addiction :P I'm totally addicted also (if that helps :P) - I'm booked in for a 2 hour day spa package next weekend - all for the high price of $49!! CRAZY!

  5. *LOOOL* I bought today two vouchers for the IPL treatment in oakleigh. I hope it will be good since I have two... eeeek! I couldn't resist. So wanted to buy the steak dinner voucher too. gosh, I need to stop looking at those! I seem to want just about everything :).