Monday, November 21, 2011

Luv-a-Duck Chinese Peking Duck Review

My beloved is an absolute lover of all things duck. Peking, roast and (his latest favourite) san choi bau duck are all frequently ordered when we eat out. That's why I was excited when I saw Luv-a-Duck's range of options in our local supermarket. Being an extremely busy time of year for me (MBA exams anyone?), I thought this would be a nice way to surprise him.

Don't look to closely at that best before sticker (yes, it has been a while since I've blogged!)

The Peking duck pack is not light on the hip pocket. At around $20 (for the duck, pancakes and hoisin sauce), it is a rather expensive meal-in for two.

The duck packet suggested that I select from one of a number cooking methods. I was somewhat bemused by the suggestion of microwaving the meat. With visions of rubbery duck, I stayed well and truly clear of the microwave and opted for the oven.

So what did I think? Perhaps we should start with the boss of this family:

Not quite, little fella!

He was certainly a fan of the meal's aroma and may have even enjoyed a little morsel (yes, sadly my cats eat better than much of the developing world...)

The other male in this house happily chomped through most of the duck pancakes. I was a little less excited. The pancakes had a somewhat peculiar flavour (preservatives perhaps?) and the duck was only just sufficient for the two of us. As someone with a (quite possibly genetic!) need compulsion to feed people, I like to present a generous spread at meal time and this didn't quite fit the bill.

Don't get me wrong, the meal wasn't altogether bad. It would certainly be suitable for those lacking the time/confidence to purchase and cook duck without the guidance that this product offers.

Verdict: 6/10


  1. I'm always a bit skeptical with 'peking duck' products and generic 'peking duck pancakes' dishes on cafe menus. The actual traditional peking duck dish is all about enjoying the crispy skin and not so much about the meat. A lot of these psuedo peking duck pancake things are nothing more than generic chinese roast duck served in pancakes with a bit of hoisin sauce on the side. Sorry a bit of a rant, but I can be a bit of a snob like that hahaha.

  2. I tend to agree, V - it's all about textures and subtleties with this dish. There's no way that a "from the packet" option can ever reach the levels of the real deal... For those in the world who are less snobby about such things (i.e. my beloved!), it was a reasonable (albeit pricey) option.