Friday, June 29, 2012

A Gold Coast minimoon: Day 3

The third and final day of our minimoon started with a long sleep in, followed by a simple breakfast with a view. Knowing that a big lunch was on the cards, we picked up some quick and simple breakfast provisions that we could "cook" in our hotel room and enjoy on the balcony.

Fresh juice, cereal, porridge and yoghurt were too much for the two of us. Thankfully a local lorikeet came to our rescue.

After an espresso or two to kickstart the day and another stroll along the sand, it was time for the main event - lunch at RockSalt Modern Dining. The restaurant came highly recommended by a couple of friends and Gold Coast experts. Their raving, coupled with very positive online reviews led to high expectations from yours truly. I'm pleased to report that these were not only met, but exceeded.

RockSalt chef and co-owner, Matt Jefferson, has been consistently awarded for his Broadbeach eatery and it's little wonder why. The restaurant is sophisticated, yet casual. Waiters are simultaneously attentive and friendly. And the food? Well, it's quite simply outstanding!

Let's start from the start though, shall we? My beloved and I opted to take advantage of the $40 lunch special, including two entrées each (or in our case, four to share) and a glass of wine. Our waiter convinced us that the restaurant's freshly baked bread with goat's curd and confit garlic was worth a try.  An excellent decision. To be perfectly honest, I could have eaten loaf after loaf of the stuff.

Our next two dishes of the day were lighter seafood options. They may well have been light, but both were packed with flavour. In the past, I have tended to find squid ink pasta to be little more than a novelty (hey, look everyone, black pasta!); however, this dish was a triumph. The pasta had excellent bite and the accompanying crab and broth were fortified by a healthy dose of chilli and garlic. The fish, with its citrusy ponzu tang and spicy ginger, was likewise excellent.

Squid ink linguini w. spanner crab | Tataki fish, ponzu dressing, horseradish cloud

Our meat dishes were next. The minute steak dish was homely and warming (yes, even in sunny Queensland a little comfort food is nice in Winter). The carpaccio was the standout for me, though. The beef was silky and contrasted beautifully with the crunchy rosti and strong parmesan, red wine and horseradish flavours. I may well fly back up from Melbourne just to eat this dish again. AMAZING!

Minute steak, creamed potato mash, tempura onion rings | Rare peppered beef carpaccio, potato rosti, truffled horseradish

Delighted by the quality of our lunch, there was no choice - we had to try dessert. I don't think this photo even requires an explanation, but I do think you need to see this baby from every possible angle.

Dark chocolate and peanut butter marquise, exploding rock candy, salted caramel, hazelnut ice-cream

And what, I hear you ask, was the price of these gastronomic delights? Scarcely over $100 - an absolute bargain for the quality of this very special meal for two.  
What a great way to end our minimoon! Thank you RockSalt, you rock(salt?)!

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  1. The lorikeet! That is so gorgeous. :D I'm surprised you got so close to it! I'm terrible at taking photos of any animal form, I think they find me scary. :P

    The food looked fantastic, especially that dessert rich and decadent! I don't think I'd be able to finish it all. :P

    1. Thanks - it was such a surprise to see a lorikeet sitting 20 floors up on a balcony...hope it's some sort of good omen for our marriage...hehehe!
      The food was sensational. It's a pity it's not closer to home. You're right though - the dessert was definitely one to share! :)

  2. The idea of a mini-moon is beyond gorgeous my friend :D
    Your food looks so delicious, my stomach is growling only for it :D
    I love the lorikeet as well, what a sweetie hellping you finish!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments, CCU!
      You've got a FAB blog too - just checked it out then - definitely a new one to follow for some baking inspiration! :)

  3. Hi Georgia,

    Just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely review.

    This is our first restaurant/business and we are now in our fourth year of operation. We are really proud of what we have achieved and my husband who is also the head chef is extremely passionate about what he does.

    It really makes it all worthwhile when we get such amazing feedback. I loved looking at your photos and notes about our food. So glad you enjoyed it so much.

    Thanks again,

    Amy Jefferson

    1. Hi Amy, we should be thanking you (not the other way round!) for a truly magnificent meal! It was right up there with some of our favourite local restaurants and was such a pleasant surprise. I wish you both every success with your business going forward! :)

  4. Woahhh, I have never seen a lorikeet before! Love the mini moon idea!

    1. They're pretty gorgeous, right?! Thanks for the comment, Sana :)

  5. This blog is getting dangerously close to food porn for me. Wow the food just looks amazing. Glad you had such a lovely honeymoon. Love the wedding photos too. I wish someone I knew would have a wedding at Lake House-- those lucky guests!

    1. I know! I have to stop looking at the photos when I'm hungry/feeling weak...hehehe! Yes, I'm secretly hoping some of my friends decide they liked the venue so much they'll get married there too (though I don't think it works like that ;) ).

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