Friday, February 22, 2013

30 before 30

I'm hitting the big three-oh in about four months. Weirdly, I've been looking forward to the start of a new decade if for no other reason than to present some sort of faรงade of maturity to the world!

In order to commemorate the occasion, I got a great idea from Cassie (one of the best bloggers around for those interested in food, fitness, craft and general awesomeness), who is also hitting this momentous milestone mid-year - a thirty before thirty bucket list. 

I wanted my list to be fun, achievable and get me to a good place prior to commencing the next decade of my life. Some of the items represent a personal challenge (a day of veganism, for this cheese- and meat-loving gal?!), some represent pure hedonistic pursuits and others will encourage me to do the things I love, but don't always make time for. In any case, they all make me smile and I think that's a pretty good way of moving into a new chapter of one's life.  

So here we go - 30 before 30, Georgia style (it's kinda like Gangnam style, only not really...):

5. Go vegetarian for a week (including one day of veganism)
6. Read at least one fiction book

17. Watch 5 movies on the IMDb Top 250 list that I've never seen
18. Bike ride into Melbourne and back home
22. Redecorate/reconfigure our "formal" lounge room to make it more usable
23. Learn how to decorate a cake

Cake made by Three Sweet Treats - the most beautiful and elegant cakes in Melbourne, in my humble opinion!

26. Go technology-free for 24 hours
30. Knit a scarf for winter


  1. This list is totally awesome! You're gonna have a fabulous four months. :)

  2. Fantastic list! I am so expecting photos of it all... :)

    1. You bet, Laura! There'll be photographic evidence of all of it! :)

  3. Wow, I wish I had thought of a 30 before 30 bucket list before I went over that age. But nonetheless I did achieve one major milestone while I was in my early 30s: lost weight and made running a habit! :)

    1. Thanks, Fairy - I think your achievement is definitely something we all strive for. I hope that the changes I've made now continue into the next decade :)