Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 before 30: #16 - completely replant one of our garden beds

I always feel at peace when I make order of chaos. This is especially true when it comes to our garden. With our new house, we have inherited a beautiful, leafy garden. Most plants are hardy and were planted by real green thumbs who knew their stuff. There were, however, a few questionable plant decisions - camelias in full sun anyone?! The garden beds are also, in parts, quite cluttered. 

Overtime, we hope to simplify our outside space and get a few more edible plants into the ground. In the meantime, we have given a new lease of life to the worst hit garden bed post-Summer. As those living in Melbourne would know, this Summer has been long, hot and dry - a pretty nasty combination for flora and fauna alike! This west-facing bed copped the worst of the afternoon sun (as evidenced by our hedges in the shot below, which we're hoping will come back to life as the weather becomes more moderate). 

We chose French lavender for this bed, due to its relatively hardy nature (especially in drier conditions)...and, well, it's pretty, smells nice and generally works well with the 1920s cottage-y feel of the front of our place. 

My apologies - it's a hideous shot, I know. I can assure you that it looks really great (especially compared to the yellow, dry mess it replaced!) in reality. Now, fingers and toes crossed that it will survive Melbourne's current Autumn heat wave. To all you global warming deniers: come to Melbourne. There's no denying it!

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