Friday, June 24, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 1

Melbourne - Kuala Lumpur - Dubai

We left Melbourne at the ludicrous time of 2:35am bursting with excitement at the prospect of two months of adventure (and no work!). The sleeping pill prescribed by my doctor couldn't even cut through the excitement to knock me out for the flight - typical! Despite my alertness throughout the journey, our plane trip was thankfully uneventful, with surprisingly reasonable food (for cattle class, at least). A passenger a few rows away was spewing violently, reminding me just how lucky I am with motion sickness (but arguably less lucky choosing plane seats!). Indeed, I am a little *too* lucky in this regard - while everyone was turning their noses up at the airline food, I was scoffing it down. Each to their own, I suppose - some get frisky at 35,000 feet. I get hungry!

After finally arriving in Dubai, we faced an hour wait at immigration. Not altogether pleasant after 14 hours awake and seated upright. We were met at the airport by a driver employed by my beloved's extended family, with whom we stayed. He proudly showed off his adopted homeland, taking the scenic route via the various feats of architecture and engineering that the city boasts.

My first impression of Dubai was: "wow"! Sparkling, monolithic edifices dominated the skyline, the oppressive heat beat down and the wealth of (some!) residents was immediately evident. We arrived at our "home" for the next three days, situated on the incredible Palm Jumeirah (the artificial archipelago shaped like a palm), complete with pool and private beach - what luxury!

Not a bad view, right?

After a short nap, we descended to the living quarters for a sumptuous family dinner. We managed to keep our eyes open until only 9pm, before falling into bed for a much needed sleep.

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