Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eurotrip2011: I survived!

Greetings readers! I'm pleased to say that we're back from a fantastic 2 month stint abroad (if you're reading this, thanks for sticking by during such a long absence!). While we had a truly wonderful time (including going from merely "mortgaged" to becoming engaged on the banks of the Seine in Paris!), it's excellent to be back with our two fur babies and in our own space.
You'll be pleased to know that I adhered to my promise of noting down key daily events (including, of course, food highlights) in my Eurotrip2011 diary. As such, I intend to attempt to provide a post on each day of our travels on a daily basis for the next couple of months.
While I will be doing this on a chronological basis, I think it would be prudent, in light of my very excited post some months ago, to start with a review of our fantastic lunch at the world's top restaurant, Noma. As such, my next post will feature my thoughts on this outstanding eatery, and subsequent blog entries will provide a day by day account of my time in Dubai, Germany, Sweden, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malaysia.
I do hope you enjoy!


  1. So glad to hear that you had an amazing trip!!! Woohoo!!! And congratulations on your engagement! We also got engaged recently... but guess where? LOL. A lot less glamorous place than Paris... at our local Woolworths.. in the juice aisle :).

  2. Thanks so much, Laura! Congratulations on your engagement too - in the juice aisle at Woolworths is an awesome story - made me giggle, that's for sure! Have you blogged about it? I haven't had time to catch up on all my blogs yet :)

  3. *grin* Very unique location for sure :). And I asked! :) Yes, I put a bit about it in the blog: