Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eurotrip2011: a diary

I'm sure you've all noticed that our trip to Europe (plus Dubai and Malaysia) is quickly approaching. It has come to be known as Eurotrip2011 and you can get a feel for where we'll be going here. It seems like yesterday when the orange countdown widget (lower right of page) was telling me (on a previous blog) that there were 400+ sleeps to go. As of today, there are eleven sleeps remaining before we set off on what will hopefully be the trip of a lifetime.

I have decided not to take any sort of technology on the trip (beyond my smart phone). I did agonise over the decision somewhat, but, after a trip to Vanuatu earlier in the year, I found myself constantly worried about whether I had safely locked my laptop away. This cemented my decision. I hear you dedicated readers ask: "So, what's going to happen to the blog while Georgia is away?" Well, I shall endeavour to occasionally update you all on our time abroad (if not on this blog, then certainly via Twitter), but have decided to be extremely old school and take a diary with me (you know pen, we did at school back in the 80s/90s).

I picked up this gorgeous felted Kikki K diary last night:
Amusingly, we will be going to Sweden, but won't be visiting Kiruna - instead we'll be in the south of the country enjoying excellent company!

I intend to write daily. By "write" I anticipate that this will simply involve jotting down some of the best moments from each day, which will then allow me to blog in greater detail (with photos!) upon my return. If left to my own devices (i.e.  without something to prompt me), I suspect I would forget to report on many of our trip highlights - my short-term memory is not known as being in particularly great shape...

This morning the diary was christened:
Bring on EuroTrip2011!!


  1. I've been to Kiruna!
    Just sayin!

  2. You tell me... ;-)

    Looking at my old posts makes me wanna go hiking again!!

  3. I see you use the word "freezing"....that answers my!

  4. Thanks for your gorgeous blogpost! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing trip. We hope you capture many fabulous memories in your felt journal, and that you especially love Sweden.

    Be safe. Have fun. Dream big.

    Love kikki.K x