Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 50

Borgio Verezzi

After a much-needed sleep in, my beloved and I wandered all of twenty metres to our sun-flooded terrace, overlooking the ocean, where we devoured a breakfast of Italian rice cake (torta di riso), fresh olive bread, sun-dried tomatoes and coffee - bliss! We sat discussing our plans for the day. Should we drive to Monaco? Should we explore the towns of the Italian riviera? With 50 straight days of travelling under our belts and a view like this on offer, what do you think we opted to do?

That's right, folks - we scarcely moved from our terrace. The morning was filled with a much overdue pampering sesh for yours truly - a self-applied facial, manicure and pedicure were on the menu. We both enjoyed the morning sun while reading our books (note to self: do not read books about the numerous ways the human race may be annihilated while trying to unwind on the Italian riviera), and, as the heat became too strong, we headed into town to our favourite little pasticceria to pick up supplies.

It came as a rather rude shock that the "siesta" of the Italian Riviera is even longer than in Spain - most places were closed between midday and 4pm! We passed the time with some fresh fruit granita until stores opened.

Our evening was spent playing cards, reading and generally rejuvenating. We debated long and hard about whether our view improved with nightfall...but came to no resolution. I'll leave it to you to decide...


  1. we need to adopt seistas here dammit. I reckon it will create more jobs..or at least make me happier

  2. I concur wholeheartedly! I wonder what work would say....

  3. I third that! And night view def more spectacular.