Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 53

Dubai - Kuala Lumpur

After a quick break to stretch our legs in Dubai, we were back in the air for another largely sleepless flight to Kuala Lumpur. I am an avid lover of all things Malaysia and have visited the country a number of times (oh how I love a good nasi lemak followed by an icy cendol!), but our experience coming through immigration this time was: So. Very. Slow. After more than two hours of queuing (and my rising desire for some Malaysian curry!), we were *finally* ready to explore KL.

We jumped into an airport limo, to our fabulous hotel - the Westin KL. Now, I don't usually use this forum to rave about hotels, but the Westin in KL certainly deserves all accolades that come its way. We have twice stayed on the executive floor of this hotel and find the staff to be second to none and the food (particularly the breakfast in their "Living Room" restaurant and the evening canapés) to be just wonderful!

We arrived in the late afternoon, checked into the hotel, gobbled up some of the complementary snacks and drinks from the lounge and headed to the nearby Sungei Wang plaza to order some ridiculously cheap prescription glasses. Optik 2000 has been my optometrist of choice in KL for a number of years. I simply bring my prescription from Australia and within a matter or hours (or overnight) pick up my new spectacles for a fraction of the price of the Australian equivalent. On this trip, we purchased three pairs of prescription glasses (one of which was a pair of prescription sunglasses) for only $110AUD - crazy!

After leaving our optical order with the good folk at Optik 2000, we headed back towards our hotel and decided to refuel at the food court in the Pavillion shopping centre. As an ostensibly cleaner option than some of the street hawker food, this food court provides the hungry traveller with diverse yet affordable options. We shared a hot pot and a fish soup, washed down with sugar cane and soursop juices. A green tea/red bean/mochi concoction was a dessert highlight.

Bellies full, my beloved was keen to try the Kenko fish spa upstairs - yes, yes - the one where the creepy fish chomp away on your feet to remove dry so:

It was somewhat amusing (to put it mildly!) to see my beloved giggle like a schoolgirl as his feet were being nibbled by the diminutive fish. As a fish spa veteran, I was slightly less hysterical...but that didn't mean I maintained perfect composure throughout the experience!

With silky smooth feet, my beloved and I padded back across the road to our hotel. We briefly enjoyed the view from our room (see below), before falling absolutely exhausted into bed.


  1. I was new to the fish spa experience when I first went and being ticklish i laughed the a child the whole time, miss that place, thanks for reminding me of such a great time ;)

  2. Glad I could bring back some memories, Adriana - it's really such a ridiculous thing to do..but yet so memorable! :)

  3. We barely had our feet in, but there was a child nearby who had both legs in!