Saturday, May 5, 2012

The last month

This last month has evidently been a quiet blogging month for yours truly, so I thought I'd note down a few highlights since my return from Hong Kong:
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival - we only got to four shows this year, but, as always, had an absolute blast. My personal highlight was Judith Lucy - just brilliant!
  • Brunch at Home Dining Room in Hawthorn: standard breakfast fare cooked to perfection.
  • A visit to +39 for my beloved's birthday. Fantastic Buffalo mozzarella pizza, washed down with a Nutella and strawberry pizza.
  • Breakfast at Oaks Café at Acorn Nursery, Surrey Hills. Despite catering to an older crowd, this place knows how to please all ages - my quinoa muesli with poached pears was absolutely delightful.
  • A wonderful Latin American dinner at Los Latinos - two big thumbs up. Probably the most authentic, flavourful food from this part of the world that I have had the pleasure of enjoying in Melbourne. 
  • Lots of footy (AFL) matches - go the mighty Magpies (have I now lost all my followers?) 
  • My hens day!! Involving a blissful treatment at Aurora Spa in St Kilda, followed by "drinkies" at Circa and high tea at the Langham pictured below (yes, there were penis straws, but the girls did pretty well at restraining themselves otherwise).
  • Picking up the dress and enjoying seeing people's reactions when I tell them it's black (yes, it really is black).
  • The arrival of some overseas "peeps" for our "holy connubials" (am I the only one stoked about the Kath and Kim film coming out later in the year?!) later in May. Subsequently, my beloved and I have become the subjects of some extreme generosity.  
  • Then there's the boring stuff, like full-time work and submitting MBA assignments - oh the joy... 
Clearly, it's been a busy few weeks!

Acorn Nursery - Oaks cafe on Urbanspoon +39 Pizzeria on Urbanspoon Home Dining Room on Urbanspoon Aria Bar & Lounge on Urbanspoon Los Latinos on Urbanspoon Circa, the Prince on Urbanspoon

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