Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hong Kong: Day 6

Yes, yes, an incredibly protracted trip report, I know. Here's a summary of my last day frolicking in Hong Kong:

Day 6 started with a sore throat and the beginnings of what would turn into a pretty rotten head cold (always the way when you take your foot off life's accelerator, right?!). Thankfully, I knew that my own bed was not far away and decided to "suck it up" (in a gross literal sort of way!) and make the most of my last day away. Mum and I headed to a vegetarian yum cha establishment for brunch - Light Vegetarian Restaurant on Nathan Rd). We had enjoyed this place on a previous visit, but were a little disappointed this time. The service was particularly slow and the dumplings (pictured below) were on the starchy/gluggy side.

Our final dish was, however, a hit - thick rice noodles with various sauces (Cheung Fun) - slippery perfection for a sore throat.

Our final afternoon in Hong Kong was spent running around Mong Kok to pick up last minute gifts. My beloved scored another few items of clothing from the Ladies Market (may I recommend one of the vendors who prints straight onto T-shirts - very reasonably priced and far nicer designs to choose from than the usual copies) and a few scarves, bags and other bits and pieces were also picked up for a bargain to bring back to friends and family.

As travel time approached, we headed back to our hotel to pick up luggage and took a taxi to Kowloon station, where the Airport Express train was only minutes away (I've said it once and I'll say it again, public transport in Hong Kong is AMAZING!). 

Our flight home was much better than expected thanks to the lovely staff at Qantas (and no, I'm not being paid to say that!). We spent a good 20 minutes chatting with a very sweet hostess, who was kind enough to find a free row for us to lie across in "cattle class" - obviously, the plane was not even at half capacity or this would have been impossible. We were later brought some business class toiletries, along with a first class immigration pass, which allowed us to pass through the staff/diplomat/ridiculously wealthy short queue at Melbourne immigration. What we did to deserve such hospitable treatment eludes me, but boy, was I happy with Qantas upon disembarking in Melbourne. I even felt compelled to write a brief note of thanks to management (something I would never ordinarily do). And no, I'm really not being paid to write this!!

Fourth time around, Hong Kong was, as always, fantastic. I simply love the energy of the place. I must say that towards the end of our stay (with a looming head cold), I was getting frustrated by the lack of fresh air (my only options were humid smog or icy air conditioning). However, after being back in Melbourne for roughly a month, I can say with confidence: Hong Kong, you *still* haven't seen the last of me!


  1. That dish is cheung fun. It's the first item on this page:

  2. Thanks, anon - since writing this, I've also heard it referred to as "Chee Cheung Fun" - what (if any) is the difference in meaning?

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