Friday, April 6, 2012

Hong Kong: Day 5

Feeling refreshed after a quieter day previously, we set out to explore Hong Kong island. Our first stop for the day was Causeway Bay, including Times Square and immediate surrounds. We had great fun exploring the shops within the mall (which has a much more affordable selection of shops than IFC or Elements - two thumbs up!), as well as the local surrounds.

We particularly enjoyed an exhibition of Wong Tin Yan's work and couldn't resist purchasing a little piece after meeting him.

It was then time for lunch at Mak's Noodle, which had been recommended by our friends earlier in the week.

Evidently, they weren't the only ones to recommend the place - Anthony Bourdain has sung praise for the establishment, as well as some more "local" food writers.

We ordered bowls of wonton noodle soup and were delighted by the "bite" of the noodles, the delicate flavour of the soup and the simplicity of the wontons. Some people complain that the bowls are too small, but I found the quantity to be just right and was satisfied, but not stuffed after our meal. The food was on the pricier side fpr local dining in Hong Kong, at around $4AUD per bowl. Well worth it in my opinion!

The afternoon was filled with more walking and more shopping...oh, and a little more eating too - check out this baby from a street vendor - egg waffle, made from eggs, flour, sugar and evaporated milk. YUM!

Then came the rain...and boy, did it rain! We quickly found some cheap umbrellas at a local store and were on our way back to our hotel to rest our legs for the evening.

The rain, coupled with our laziness gave us the perfect excuse to indulge, for the first time, in the hotel's buffet dinner. I was most excited about the dessert buffet, where I must have sampled at least 15 different treats.

Bellies full, we made it back to our room just in time for some trashy broadcasting and an early night.


  1. Cant beleive i didnt read this until now! Love the updates. Next trip needs to be a double mother/daughter date i feel!!! xx