Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hong Kong: Day 3

We started our third day full day in Hong Kong with a bang - an egg custard tart bang to be specific. Not far from our hotel is a little bakery that makes a fresh, warm batch every morning.

We purchased four for 140HKD or approximately $1.70AUD and swung past a convenience store for the rest of our breakfast provisions.

Check out these babies - perfectly flaky pastry with rich, decadent custard.

The tarts, plus a drink and yoghurt came to around $2AUD each - not bad, in my humble opinion!

Bellies full, we set off to explore one of Hong Kong's newest mall - Elements, which sits atop Kowloon station. While we picked up some cheap basics from Zara and H&M, the rest of the stores were not really our cup of tea - too many luxury/designer shops with inflated prices.

After a few hours of walking (working off our tarts, perhaps?), we headed to Lei Garden - a more upmarket yum cha chain, with approximately 10 restaurants throughout Hong Kong. There, we enjoyed a fantastic selection of dumplings, some sticky rice and an eggplant dish. The highlight for me were the dumplings - the wrappers were so delicate with a gorgeous translucent quality, and the fillings were so full of flavour that no additional condiments were required.

After lunch, we caught the MTR across to Central to visit IFC. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in the same predicament - too many luxury brands and not enough good quality, middle of the road options.

Back at our hotel, we decided to indulge in a 100 minute spa treatment, involving a full body massage and a Chinese foot treatment. The latter was fabulous and much needed after all our walking. The rest of our evening was low key - a quick wander around the nearby night markets, a very simple dinner picked up from a bakery and an early night - lovely!


  1. yum cha!! oh how i miss thee! yet to yum cha with author and beloved - words cannot express \^_^/

    1. Fi! We *must* yum cha together - when are you coming out? July? Let's rendezvous over a Melbourne yum cha - sound good? xx