Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hong Kong: the first 24...

Greetings from vibrant Hong Kong! I've splurged on a wifi package (well, at this exchange rate, nothing seems like a splurge!), so can update everyone on our daily activities from the comfort of our hotel room.

We had a rather uneventful direct flight to Hong Kong - just the way I like my flights! There was, however, one "interesting" incident involving my mother and an over-chilled mango Weis Bar. Mum was quick to demonstrate my family's innate (possibly hereditary?) ability to hurt oneself by losing half her lip to the fruity bar in question. Two words: Face. Palm.

We arrived at our hotel after 11pm (2pm Australian time) and were thrilled to put our heads down for the night. After a hearty breakfast and a quick "how are the cats?" catch up (you'll be thrilled to know, they're fine), we set out on our first day of shopping.

Okay, so there may have been photographic evidence to prove that they're okay...

We opted to visit Citygate Outlets - a mall full of mid- to high-end brands at discounted prices. It's a fairly comfortable way of gently reacquainting oneself with the often chaotic environment of Hong Kong. After a couple of short MTR (subway) rides, we were at the mall and ready to shop until we dropped. At over 65, Mum's ability to shop puts me to shame. My beloved is often shocked at my accomplished stamina and love of the sport (let's face it - it is a sport...just a very expensive one!), but by golly, my mum could easily vie for an Olympic medal!

We did particularly well (read: bought lots!) at a number of stores in the centre. The DKNY/CK outlet was a particular highlight and I picked up a beautiful coat for winter, as well as a couple of dresses and tops (five items for around $300AUD - did I mention I love this exchange rate?!). Other purchases of the day included a new wallet for mum; some cheap and cheerful bits and pieces from the MANGO outlet; an oversized wooly cardigan; and a surprise or two for my beloved.

We began to feel a wee bit peckish and, upon checking the time, realised it was 3pm (or 5pm Australian time). Clearly the one thing that makes me forget about eating is shopping! We headed straight to the food court for a comforting bowl of wonton noodle soup. I expected a rather lacklustre food court experience, but was pleasantly surprised by the flavoursome dumplings and broth.

The watermelon milk (yes, milk!) and kiwi fruit juice weren't all that impressive, but for around $10AUD for two soups and drinks, I'm not complaining (N.B. this is extremely inflated food court pricing and is not representative of eating locally/authentically in Hong Kong).

Back at the hotel room, we rested our legs for half an hour before stepping out for a bite of dinner. As mum was craving some south east Asian flavours, dinner was at cheap and cheerful Singaporean chain, Toast Box. While waiting for our meals to be served, we were amused by this sign:

Kickapoo joy juice anyone? ;)

Mum's beef rendang was not particularly memorable, but my char kway teow was a tad sweet, but decent.

We worked off our dinner with a walk around the local area, including a quick stroll through the Temple Street night markets. The neon lights of Hong Kong remind me so very much of the film, Bladerunner. Do you agree?

Because we *clearly* hadn't eaten enough for the day, we swung by Chinese department store, Wing On, and picked up these:

The verdict? Okay, but nothing to write home about.

We also popped into Seven Eleven and purchased what Mum referred to as an unappetizing dish cloth (with such strong words how could I not?!).

The dishcloth was good. Very good, in fact. Sponge cake spread with buttery peanut goodness, all for under AUD 50 cents - what's not to like?

And this brings me to now - bed time. Time to dream about all our exciting plans for tomorrow - I see sticky rice, a seaside stroll and Michelin starred dining in my future...g'night, all.


  1. Kickapoo juice! Hmm. Is it as it sounds (made from prune juice)? Good to see the Shallaced nails G :) Jai

    1. HAHAHA! I love it, Jai! Most impressed that you can pick a Shellaced nail from a photo - you know, I actually bought a light and the polish and have started doing it myself (much cheaper)...

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