Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hong Kong: Day 4

After a big buffet breakfast, we set out to Mong Kok - the most populated place in the world according to the Guinness World Records. We were there to spend some time at the Langham Place, the ladies market and the various themed streets that the area is famous for. Our plan was foiled after about 30 minutes, when I suddenly became extremely nauseous. I'm not exactly sure of the cause (although one shop keeper did suggest that I was pregnant...ummm, no!). It may have been something that I'd eaten, but Mum has eaten everything that I have for the past five days. As such, I'm putting it down to a virus. In any case, said virus meant that we had to head back to our hotel for a lie down. A few hours of sleep made a huge difference - even though I still wasn't 100% better, the urge to projectile vomit had subsided and I gingerly made my way out again.

This time, we stuck to the local area and found ourselves inside local Chinese department store - Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium. The place is full of jade, tea, Chinese furniture and some things that I have never seen before. It was a great place to stock up on some gifts...even one for myself - a pair of beautiful Chinese jade earrings.

As evening fell, I felt strong enough to stomach some dinner and we headed to one of the many little cafés that Hong Kong is famous for. These small, family-run establishments adorn virtually every street in Hong Kong and serve cheap and cheerful options for locals and tourists alike. Many do not have English menus (we lucked out), but that doesn't matter - who doesn't like a bit of pointing and mime?!

We kept our order pretty simple - some bok choy with oyster sauce and rice, and a couple of pieces of turnip cake.

We couldn't resist a dessert - sago pudding with taro paste - yum!

We worked off our dinner with another stroll around the night markets...

...then opted for an early night.

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