Monday, November 26, 2012

A relatively healthy start

And so the intuitive eating began on the weekend. Overall, I was not altogether displeased. While I over-indulged a wee bit at a friend's 30th barbecue celebrations, the weekend was generally packed with fruit, veggies and a reasonable amount of movement.

"What were the highlights?", I hear you ask. Behold! A collage of my weekend:

  1. Quick frozen veg and ham omelette with a sprinkling of hot paprika.
  2. Breakfast at Bear Brass - perfectly poached eggs around the table. Mine were enjoyed with a side of bacon and a skinny flat white. 
  3. Sampling of a new yoghurt - Roaming Cow. With a name like that, how could I possibly resist?! The verdict? Pretty tasty, but not overly sweet (two big ticks); however, I prefer my yoghurt a little less runny. 
  4. Mum's famous bruschetta (recipe here) hastily eaten on a Salada (hey, the price of tomatoes practically requires taking out a second mortgage right now - you've gotta be quick!).
  5. Breakfast smoothie: frozen banana, frozen blueberries, milk and a hefty dose of cinnamon. What does it spell? Delicious.
  6. A 4-and-a-bit kilometre run with my beloved - a PB for us too (that's personal best in sporty parlance) - we're now reaching such supersonic speeds as 6-7 minutes per kilometre. I know, I know, Usain, Yohan Blake you guys better watch it - I'm hot on your tail!
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