Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 before 30: #28 and #14

This post ticks off two of my 30 before 30 goals:
#14 - go on a substantial day hike
#28 - learn how to take really good photos with our DSLR

We spent our Easter break in Australia's beautiful red centre. During our time in the desert, we enjoyed two long-ish hikes, as well as a number of shorter walks.

The first of our two longer walks was through Kata Tjuta (or the Olgas). Known as the Valley of the Winds walk, the track took us to what felt like very secluded and peaceful parts of this beautiful rock foundation. We were lucky to be in Central Australia for a rare rainy period and, although the rain prevented us from doing a third walk (the Uluru base walk), we were able to experience some exquisitely lush the middle of the desert.

Our second long walk was the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. This was done as part of a group tour. While it was a fun day, group tours aren't really our kettle of fish (we were given virtually no choice if we wanted to see Kings Canyon, as the car hire company placed such tight kilometer restrictions on their vehicles). We did manage to catch about 10 minutes of alone time to reflect on the beauty surrounding us...and eat chocolate (naturally!).

With respect to the 28th goal on my list - learn how to take really good photos with our DSLR - I'll let you be the judge.

Yes, they're no where near outstanding, but are definitely good enough for me!


  1. Awesome pictures, looks like you have a pretty good handle of that DSLR! I would love to visit the red centre one day, sounds like it would have been an amazing trip.

    I kind of want to jump through the screen and eat that Easter egg too... yum.

    1. Thanks, T! Definitely learnt a lot thanks to the beloved's knowledge of all things electronic. Highly recommend the centre, but it is super expensive. We have a 3 week trip to SE Asia and Japan planned for later in the year and that whole trip (including airfares) won't be all that different price-wise to our 5 days at Ayers Rock. Kinda makes me realise why so few people can afford to visit Australia!

      Ditto re: egg... but we must ask ourselves: are we *really* hungry? ;)
      (I swear, it'll work one day!)

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