Monday, April 15, 2013

30 before 30: #7 - attend a live sporting event

In terms of religion, I tend to say I'm agnostic for roughly 50% of each year.
For the other half of the time I'm firmly in the "Cult of Collingwood". 

In Melbourne, football (that's Aussie Rules, not soccer) does hold a religion-like status. Indeed, Sunday's game probably saw more attendees than the city's churches! I was personally indoctrinated from an early age - said indoctrination included the repeated singing of "Good Old Collingwood Forever", regular trips to Victoria Park atop dad's shoulders and the force feeding of gristle-filled meat pies. The result? A one-eyed, slightly feral Magpie, with *wait for it* all her teeth!

Now that I've needlessly polarized all of my readers, I can tell you that I've ticked off another 30 before 30 goal - attending a live sporting event. We will not talk about the outcome of yesterday's game, but we will admire the pretty rainbow that formed over the spiritual hub of football - the MCG. Ain't it pretty?! 

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