Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30 before 30: #21 & #25

I've lumped these two 30 before 30 goals together, because, let's face it, they are not inherently interesting to read about. However, I can report that I have both donated to charity and sent goodies abroad.

The former was accomplished through a fun run earlier in the year - the Mother's Day Classic to be precise. I was initially entered in the 4k walk with a girlfriend, but bumped into the 4k run after she pulled out a few days prior, due to a medical issue. As a result, my beloved accompanied me (thanks to Start to Finish for allowing the late change!) and we enjoyed a rather nice waddle around Melbourne's Botanic Gardens.

I have to say, in the scheme of fun runs, this one seemed a tad disorganised and frenetic, probably owing to the size of the turnout (over 130,000 across 74 locations). In any case, I was glad that my registration fee went, in its entirety, to cancer research. I'm constantly astounded at the number of events that do not donate a penny of the entry costs to charity.

With regard to my goal of sending letters/parcels to my nearest and dearest abroad, I'm pleased to report that I've sent three of my OS besties wee parcels over the last few months.

The first, who has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl in Japan, received a stripey ensemble, complete with matching shoes (because, let's face it, baby shoes are probably the cutest thing ever invented!). Want to know what's even more exciting? In around 2.5 months we'll be seeing said outfit again in person - that's right, we're off to Japan!!

These are some pictures from our time in Japan over 5 years ago...ahhh memories!

The second, a close girlfriend in London, received a big bunch of flowers for her 30th birthday.

Thirdly, my non-biological German "mum" has been sent a beautiful, locally designed and woven scarf (below) for her 70th birthday. As an aside, you can check out my very talented friend and weaver's Etsy store here.

So, eleven of my thirty goals remain, with only a few weeks of the challenge to go. Can I do it?


  1. Goodness me, you are doing well with your goals! Eeeeek, you are going to Japan! Wow! I so hope that one day I will get to go, too. Would be amazing. :)
    and that scarf is really pretty!

    1. Yes - I can't wait to go back to Japan (counting down the weeks!) - it's such an interesting place and I'm kinda in love with the food there!

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