Saturday, June 8, 2013

30 before 30: #27 - buy a new handbag

Buying a handbag is not an easy quest for yours truly. While I have a strong, unyielding passion for shoes, bags just don't get the juices flowing in quite the same way. Moreover, I'm particularly fussy about the need for a bag to sit across my body (the hands-free option) at an appropriate point (on my left hip more specifically - no easy feat at 177-8cms!). The item must also be good quality, soft leather and made somewhere where it is not likely that people were used/abused in the process of its creation. A tough list to satisfy, right?!

It took a few months of searching, but I finally found what has proven to be possibly my favourite handbag ever.

It's made by NAT & NIN, a company founded in France by sisters who shared a passion for leather goods. Some of their range is available at Morrison stores in Australia. For the quality and place of origin (Italian leather, made in France), they're extremely reasonably priced, in my opinion.

A couple of months since purchasing and I'm still as in love with this incredibly functional, soft, pretty handbag as I was the day it was purchased - it's definitely a favourite item that I know will get worn until it's hanging in shreds over my shoulder!

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