Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 before 30: #8 - try 5 new (to me) beers

It's probably no surprise that I smashed this goal out of the ball park (is that the correct baseball parlance?). It's a truth universally acknowledged that I do like beer (Jane Austen meant to write that. True story.). I'll even go as far as to say that I prefer beer to wine. It's probably not my most feminine attribute, nor my most cultured, but heck, I'm going to embrace my inner bogan! Mind you, I particularly like matching beer with food...so perhaps said embrace should cover my inner hipster as well.

In any case, here be my five six beers:

1. Cantina Pura Cerveza (El Salvador) 
Crisp, refreshing and good value for money. Paired well with some home made Mexican grub.

2. Hitachino Nest White Ale (Japan)
Very drinkable and props for the cute bottle. Enjoyed at Estelle Bar and Kitchen.

3. Lord Nelson Brewery Pale Ale (Australia)
Very easy (too easy... ;) ) to drink - paired with some spicy Thai at Sailors Thai in Sydney.

4. Steam Rail "The Gold Digger" Golden Ale (Australia) 
Probably the least impressive of all the beers tried. At least it was shared with great friends and weather! 

5.  Mirboo Madness American Red Ale (Australia)
Limited edition. Smooth on the way down, but the aftertaste wasn't great. Value for money was also questionable. Just as well my home-made, crumbed barramundi with fresh coleslaw made up for it! 
Perhaps not the best beer, but definitely the best nails of the lot!

6. So remember how I said I smashed this goal? Yep, I tried six, not five, but six new beers. and I've left the best until last. It was so good, in fact, that I forgot to take a photo of it while drinking it...on two occasions(!!), but that's surely a good sign. 

Behold, my new favourite beer: the Alhambra Negra (Spain). Enjoyed at MoVida and at The Black Toro


  1. Beer is yuck, but I always like looking at the labels. Every now and then we go to that awesome bottleshop on Acland street and buy beers from different countries for Mr.P's father. :)

    1. We'll have to agree to disagree on beer, Laura ;)
      Which bottle-o on Acland St is good for beer?

    2. Acland cellars http://www.aclandcellars.com.au/
      They sometimes have even Finnish beer (which I, of course, for the FIL)

    3. Thanks, Laura - will check it out when I'm next in St Kilda

  2. Can't say I like beer either, but I'm loving your nails.

    1. Teehee - knew you would! I now have my very own shellac kit at home, so you are welcome to come for a nail party! :)

  3. Hello. Not sure how I got here - clicked through a few different blogs! Anyway, I like this site and I think this goal may well find its way onto a list of mine some time... (That said, I'm sure I must already have accomplished it many times over.)

    1. Thanks, Lady Ella! Yes, this was a pretty pathetic goal in that it wasn't exactly a stretch for me to achieve it... ;)
      Your blog looks fab - thanks for introducing yourself!

    2. Thanks - I strive to improve: more economy of thought...
      Since having a blog, I'm making an effort to speak up on others' when I visit as I've learned how maddening it can be to see hits from various places and never know who they are! Or maybe that's just me being nosy.