Wednesday, July 10, 2013

...and so I'm 30

It seems like yesterday that I was struggling to think of 30 things to do before turning 30. Heck, it seems like yesterday that I was a 10 year old. Where did 20 years just go?!

Anyway, I thought I'd update you all on my 30 before 30 achievements and provide an indication of those things that may have to wait and/or never happen (colour-coded for your convenience, using a traffic light system because, let's face it, I'm a nerd!). Here goes:

5. Go vegetarian for a week (including one day of veganism) - nope, this one isn't happening. I'm all about intuitive eating and listening to my body at the moment and I'm in a really good head space when it comes to food. I certainly am not messing with that! If my tummy says meat, then meat it is. 
6. Read at least one fiction book - womp, womp. Epic fail! This didn't happen, as anticipated, though I'm planning to take a light, girly read overseas with me next month. Any recommendations for this non-fiction lover? 
11. Lose 5kg
17. Watch 5 movies on the IMDb Top 250 list that I've never seen - I'm currently at 4 of 5. The fifth is planned. There will be an update! 
18. Bike ride into Melbourne and back home - all the running I've been doing of late, coupled with the inconsistent winter weather has meant that I haven't found the time to go on many any bike rides. I think this one will definitely be ticked off the list in the next few months though.
22. Redecorate/reconfigure our "formal" lounge room to make it more usable - nope. Just didn't get around to it. Most of the boxes in here have been unpacked and the room is neat and usable; however, we haven't made it "ours" in the same way we've transformed other rooms in our house. I think this may be an ongoing project over the next few months. 
23. Learn how to decorate a cake - goal on hold until my cake-maker extraordinaire buddy has the time to fit me in. Again, there will be photographic evidence and much scoffing!
26. Go technology-free for 24 hours - sadly this is currently in the too hard basket. The last time I went tech-free was during a holiday to Vanuatu, where there was no TV, no phone reception and definitely no internet. It was an incredibly liberating experience, but is simply not feasible right now with work and other commitments. 
30. Knit a scarf for winter - the finishing touches are happening as I type (figuratively, clearly...I don't have four hands!) and there shall be photographic evidence. 


  1. Thanks for your comments on UAR.

    HAPPY 30TH! Looking at the way you got there I'm sure you'll have a blast in the year ahead:)

    Fingers crossed for getting together in Kyoto.


    1. Thanks for the comment, TK and thanks also for your UAR words of encouragement! :)

  2. Happy birthday - so much achieved and some crackers to finish off!

    Re: Fiction novel - If memory serves me correctly you are another history buff? If so, I recommend London: a Novel by Edward Rutherford. Fiction based around factual events. It's not light, weighs in at around 700 pages but I think you would love it and it does come in a kindle edition.

    I first read it when I lived in London and it was so bloody amazing to read about streets and landmarks and then walk past them the next day.

  3. Thanks, Julia! :)
    Great recommendation - especially in light of my preferences for history and non-fictiony stuff - thanks! We're probably headed to the UK next year, you think it'd be a good idea to wait and do what you did - i.e. immerse myself in a book about a city that I'm in?

  4. Happy Birthday lovely lady!! And so many fun things to look forward too