Friday, August 23, 2013

5km best-to-date

I mentioned when I ran my 10km event last month that I was training to try to achieve a 5km personal best (noting that a PB for me is probably much slower than for most people)...and I'm pleased to report success on that front.

I headed to the very pretty Beach Road with a speedy girlfriend last weekend, for what I thought would be a flat and easy run. Boy, was I wrong?! Melbourne has been experiencing some crazy weather of late and the coast, typically the windiest of all locations, was probably not a prudent choice in light of this. The bureau even issued a wind warning (which sounds like something I issue after eating too much curry...). I digress! It was certainly a very picturesque spot, despite the wind.

The run was an out and back portion of the road and the entire way out (2.5km) was slightly uphill with an extremely strong headwind. I was utterly stuffed by the time we turned around and contemplated easing into a walk. I knew, however, that I'd be disappointed with myself if I did so, so persisted with my slow waddle.

The second half of the run should, theoretically, have been easy - tail wind and slightly downhill. While this was indeed a welcome relief, I was so exhausted from battling the wind on the first half of the course that I could barely pick up any pace.

The outcome? Well, I didn't crack the sub-32 minute goal I had in mind, but was only seconds off it at 32:37. Yes, it was considerably slower than many of my training runs, but still a good'un and a personal best (given my training tends to be divided up into intervals that include walking segments).

Upon reflection, maybe it's a good thing that I didn't crack the illustrious 32 minute mark - gives me something to continue to work towards and aspire to....

Onwards and upwards! 


  1. Great attempt there Georgia! I am still trying to crack the elusive sub-30 5km mark...!

    1. Thanks, Fairy. For me it's cracking 32 minute mark that's next on the cards. We'll get there, I'm sure - just have to keep working at it :)