Saturday, August 17, 2013

August update

Things have been busy for me in the last month - more time at work, more time running and less time blogging. That's why I thought I'd share some highlights of the last couple of weeks.

1. A new toy.

Our rice cooker recently had a meltdown and committed suicide in fairly dramatic fashion. I knew he (she?) wouldn't be long for this world the day I bought him...for $9! This time around, I opted for a device that could do more than just steam rice and bought a pretty sexy five-in-one contraption that steams, pressure cooks, slow cooks, fries...and has some soup function that I'll never use (this one's definitely a "she"!). We've been experimenting with the slow and pressure cook functions over the last few weeks. Highlights have included flaked lamb shank ragout, a slow-cooked American-inspired chicken dish (that was, among other things, cooked in pickle juice!) and a Moroccan lamb stew (pictured).

2. More cycling.

We have enjoyed some warmer weather down in Melbourne and my beloved and I have seized the opportunity to squeeze some more cycling into our lives.

Bikes pictured in Southbank, Melbourne.

3. Markets. 

We're about to head overseas for a few weeks (fear not - there'll be updates, as always!) and find markets to be great places to stock up on presents for our OS pals. Locally made products always seem to please....not to mention the benefits for the shopper - sunny weather, beautiful scenery and crepes smothered in Nutella!

Images from the Southbank Sunday market, Melbourne.


  1. OMG that lamb stew looks so divine... I'm actually hungry right now, thanks to your post! And oh, Melbourne is crazy beautiful - lucky you!

    1. It's definitely a case of "the grass is always greener" - I am totally envious of the amazing food on your doorstop in Malaysia and the beautiful, warm weather!