Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The start of some frolicking?

In line with my blog title, I feel I should at least start discussing my attempts at frolicking (aka: exercise) or lack thereof. In good news, I am playing basketball tonight. However, in bad news, it will be my last game until the season reconvenes in January (when all of us will be a little less fit and a few pounds of Christmas "eatage" heavier!). 
I should probably backtrack a few steps regarding basketball. I guess I could say that it is the one sport at which I've always been reasonable. Actually, on second thought, maybe not. When I hit the ripe old age of six, my lovely and particularly talented sportsman of a father was asked to coach a local under-tens boys' basketball team. He accepted the role with one condition - that his six-year-old daughter (yours truly) could also play on the team. I'm sure you can imagine that at 2-3 years younger than my fellow teammates and being of the fairer sex, I didn't get my hands on the ball for the entire first season. My Dad describes my on-court antics as a kind of delayed reaction - our opposition would move into offence and I would trundle down the court about 3 seconds after everyone else. Likewise, when the ball was turned over, I'd be at least ten metres behind my teammates. Hey, what did he expect? When I finally got my hands on the ball (circa Season 2), my very first shot was a success.....for the opposition! Yes, that's right - my first ever score was in the wrong basket. As my beloved would say: "facepalm"!  
Despite these *cough* minor setbacks, I must have been a persistent wee version of myself, because I continued to play throughout primary school, gradually recruiting a number of my female friends - some of whom I continue to play with to this day. 
I currently play twice weekly - in both a women's and a mixed team. Tonight is women's night - otherwise known as lurid purple with red trim night (if only basketball uniform manufacturers could override poor team colour choice!). Basketball is honestly one of the few forms of exercises that I actually look forward to. Additionally, having a commitment to a team means that it's not easy to miss a game. This is in stark contrast to my many excuses for not working out at the gym! 
So there you have it, an insight into some of my frolicking. I am hopeful that I can add to my sport and fitness repertoire in the coming few months. There are certain things that I have never been able to do, including (but not limited to) running more than 1km. But I think I'll leave that for a later post... 

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