Monday, March 7, 2011

...and sometimes the world seems to conspire against you...

So, once again I have publicly declared on this blog that I will run 5k and once again I will fail in doing so. I was so excited about the opportunity to run and raise money for Christchurch. However, it's not to be. Last night during a game of mixed basketball I *did* my knee. Really *did* it. Worse than ever before. The collision involved a male opponent, who was running backwards trying to intercept a high pass. Likewise, I was running forwards to intercept said pass. He backed straight into me and we ended up tangled and falling together - the lower portion of my leg at a decidedly obscure angle. He fell on my knee - all 100+ kgs of him (not that he's at fault - it was clearly an accident) and I could feel (maybe even hear?) a pop in my knee. Needless to say, I'm sure my screams are still echoing around the tinny stadium 12 hours later! 

After a trip to emergency and a handful of X-rays later the jury is still out. Apparently, there is far too much blood in the joint to ascertain the extent of my injuries. It's most likely a bad soft tissue injury, but I'll need an MRI once the swelling's subsided to determine exactly what I've done. At this point, I'm really hoping I haven't torn my ACL - please cross your fingers and toes for me! 

Now, given I can't put any weight on my left side at present, a 5k seems totally impossible in the near future. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have been able to provide a small donation to this important cause and I urge you all to do the same

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