Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running for Christchurch

Yes, yes - astute readers will know that I didn't quite reach my February goal of running 5k, that I vehemently declared I would here. I was just thinking about how I could break this to blog readers, when I heard about Run for Christchurch. The idea is the brainchild of a bunch of Kiwi-based fitness bloggers who have put together this virtual 5k event to raise money to rebuild the city of Christchurch (where, incidentally, I have holidayed on two occasions). The minimum donation is a meagre $5NZD ($1 per km) and all proceeds go towards the Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake Appeal.  

I shall be donning my red and black (you know I'm serious, because normally I wouldn't be seen dead in the colours during the footy season!) the weekend after next and busting my gut to prove that I *can* run 5km. Who's going to join me, or at least join me in donating to this very worthy cause? 

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