Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running shenanigans - a (second) brief update

I have some devastating news (oh, and I'm prone to hyperbolise if you haven't noticed!) - my 5k charity run is not to be. Late last year I decided to take a Summer MBA unit to expedite the completion of my degree. I noted down the class dates in my diary and then promptly forgot about them. When signing up for the race (clever little cookie that I am), I did not check my diary and surprise, surprise the two events clash. The $30 race registration fee is a slightly (understatement of the century!) smaller financial commitment than my MBA. So sadly, class wins out. 

I am now considering two options, because I will run 5k before the month of February is out. The first involves a run around the local park, using my RunKeeper iPhone application to track distance. The second involves registering for another local fun run. At this point I'm still undecided...but rest assured, I am determined! So determined, in fact, that it's time for some frolicking right now - basketball time (in lurid purple!) - gotta fly!

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