Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thai steamed fish

I know I've been missing in action most of this week in terms of blogging, but I have really been enjoying some quiet times with my beloved, friends and family - just what the soul needed! Tonight, I'm back to the cooking experimentation and have quickly thrown together a delicious and ever so easy Thai fish dish. The dressing was so good that my beloved compared it to our favourite Thai restaurant - a massive compliment! I highly recommend said dressing for not only the steamed fish dish, but also as a Thai beef/chicken salad dressing. It's also vegetarian/vegan friendly for anyone that way inclined.

Thai steamed fish
Serves 2
1 whole snapper (400-500g) - obviously scaled and gutted!
Generous handfuls of chopped spring onion and coriander (to serve)

2 coriander roots (cleaned)
2 large cloves of garlic
3 small hot chillies (I used little killer red chillies)
1 tbs white sugar
3 tablespoons lime juice
1.5 tbs fish sauce
Pinch of salt

Score fish a couple of times on each side.
Place the fish on a heatproof plate or some baking paper and place in the steamer. 
Steam over simmering water for between 15 and 20 minutes until cooked.
Meanwhile, using a pestle and mortar, pound the coriander roots and salt into a paste. Add garlic and chillies and continue pounding. Add sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. 
Taste the sauce to ensure the classic Thai flavour combination is balanced (hot, sour, salty and sweet). Alter flavours to your taste.
Remove fish from steamer the steam!
Spoon the dressing over the fish and top with plenty of shopped coriander and spring onions. 

A very astute (and vegetably-inclined) friend pointed out that the dressing isn't suitable for vegos and vegans due to the use of fish sauce - something my carnivorous self had overlooked. All I can say, is...just shut your eyes and you wouldn't even know it was on there.... ;)  

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