Thursday, January 13, 2011

Product review - Smooze Fruit Ices

I've decided to jazz my blogging up a little with the addition of some product reviews. New food products are constantly finding their ways onto supermarket shelves and the rustic trestle tables at farmers markets. While I understand that many of my readers are from all sorts of exotic and interesting places in the northern hemisphere, I also feel us southerners are somewhat under-represented on the food review front. Please note that I have never been paid, nor have I been provided with any product free of charge. This is something I've decided to do for the benefit of other Aussies, Kiwis and anyone else who may be interested. If, by some freak chance of awesomeness(!), anyone would like to sponsor an honest review of their product, I would certainly not decline (please note, I'm particularly partial to chocolate and ice-cream!), but trust me, it'll be an honest opinion irrespective of any kindness on a company's part.   

So back to business! Not long ago on a hot Summer evening, my beloved and I were browsing the supermarket shelves for something refreshing and stumbled across these delicious pyramids of coconut and mango.

We were so taken by their bold fruity flavour, smooth consistency and creaminess that we bought 4 boxes the following week when we saw they had been reduced to a meager $3 - bargain! Here's a link to their website for those interested. 

So here's what I think:
Taste - the fruit flavour packs a punch and Smooze manages to be creamy and refreshing simultaneously.
Portion size - it's oh so refreshing to find a 65ml treat. It's just the right size for a sugar hit and doesn't leave you feeling stuffed or nursing a sugar headache.
Nutritional stats - the mango and coconut flavour (the only one I've seen on supermarket shelves) is made up of 48% mango juice and 40% coconut milk. The remaining 12% of the Smooze ingredient list comprises non-scary sounding things. 
Carbon footprint - if I had to be nitpicky, I could only criticise the fact that Smooze Fruit Ices are manufactured in Indonesia. I understand that this is a practicality, given this is where the coconuts (and presumably other fruit used) are grown, but in an ideal world, it would be great to enjoy an all-Australian version. 

Verdict: 8/10 (that's a high distinction!) - try it!

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