Monday, August 1, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 30


With a taste for port, the four of us decided to head to Porto's port museum, located on the banks of the Douro river. I expected that our excursion would shed some light on the port making process, as well as provide a little history on the industry. The latter was the prominent feature, with no information on the grapes/ageing process (or tastings - boo!), and I walked away disappointed. Oh well, at least for only 2.20, it wasn't too expensive for a pit stop and for use of the bathroom facilities. Amusingly, the museum requested that the photocopied information sheets that visitors collect at the entrance be returned at the end of the tour. Hmm...

Fortunately, a visit to the cathedral and catacombs was more interesting.

Lunch was once again over the river at a little eatery that served Francesinha (or "meaty thing" as us non-Portuguese speakers coined it!) - a local delicacy made with bread, a variety of meats, including ham, roast meats and sausages, covered in a layer of melted cheese and served in a tomato-beer sauce. My beloved and I split one of these meaty "manwiches" and I washed it down with some sangria - what's not to love?!

After our filling lunch, we checked out a few more port wine producers - namely, Sandeman and Cรกlem, and enjoyed yet more tastings at the latter.

In quite a relaxed state, my beloved and I slowly made our way back to the area in which we were staying and picked up dinner essentials, as well as a few treats at the bakery. A tranquil, port-filled evening ensued.

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