Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 39


After a sleep-in, breakfast and a quick chat with my best friend and parents (who, very sweetly, had convened in Melbourne for dinner for the occasion), my beloved and I took the metro to La Sagrada Familia. This Gaudi-designed church seems to grow almost organically from the sidewalk and, to me, conveyed an eerie, foreboding feeling - very cool!

As evidenced by the images above, La Sagrada Familia is still being constructed, some 130 years since work on it began and nearly 90 years since Gaudi's death. The font of all knowledge that is Wikipedia tells me that the anticipated completion date is fifteen years from now - I think a return trip may just be necessary to mark the occasion...

Next on the day's Gaudi-themed agenda was a cab ride to Parc Güell, where we felt as if we'd been transported into a Dr Seuss book. The park conveys a wonderful sense of playfulness and whimsy.

My beloved and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the views of Barcelona, soaking up some of the fantastic jazz performances and ambling along rather mindlessly in Gaudi-wonderland.

Back to reality, we headed to the hotel to quickly freshen up and then set off towards Maremagnum - a shopping/dining/entertainment complex located right on the coast. A late lunch at Tapatapa, a modern-style tapas bar, followed. The food was decent, but not particularly memorable.

Next on the cards was a little retail therapy, which involved the purchase of a little, red Desigual skirt and some black Spanish leather sandals. What do you think?

Dinner was once again a few doors away from our hotel, where we enjoyed chatting with the friendly waiter and downing a couple of tall beers with our steak.

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