Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 36

Seville - Granada

We were so sad to have to leave Seville after only one night, but had pre-arranged plans in Granada that couldn't be postponed and thus, set off early for the 2.5 hour drive. Upon arrival, we quickly checked into our hotel and immediately called a taxi to drive us up the steep hills surrounding the Alhambra. This 14th century Moorish palace/fortress is so iconic that we devoted the remainder of our day to exploring the numerous buildings, ruins and stunning gardens. For prospective tourists, may I suggest pre-booking tickets, which need to be collected from an almost hidden electronic dispenser near the tourist information area. I believe this really expedited the admission process.

While I could rave about the views, gardens and structures that make up the historic site, I think it may be better to let the photos do the talking.

(I have it on good authority that there's a pair of very nice Ray Ban sunglasses in the pond pictured above. Specifically, they belong to my beloved, who got a little over-enthusiastic snapping photos!)

My favourite part of the Alhambra was the Nasrid Palaces. I was utterly enchanted by the architecture and shapes of the structure.

This kaleidoscopic ceiling was my favourite photo of the day. I could stare at it for hours (yeah, I'm a tad weird like that!).

After a packed day exploring the Alhambra we headed down towards the centre of Granada to refuel. The lush, green path into town was most inviting after a warm day.

Once in town, we realised that we were too early (according to Spanish dining norms, at least!) to eat dinner at many of the more "local", authentic tapas bars and instead settled on a restaurant that we knew catered to tourists (clearly rational thought isn't my forte when I'm hungry!). The result? Some pretty average paella all round.

Thankfully an ice-cream each, followed by churros with thick, chocolate sauce made our evening a whole lot sweeter!

We concluded our night with a port (having all developed a habit taste for the stuff in Porto) and a few games of cards in the hotel bar.

I adored Granada. Mind you, I don't feel I can really pass judgement on the city as a whole after only one day (and a day mainly spent at the Alhambra, at that!). Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time there and wish to return to explore the city further as soon as the hip pocket allows!


  1. Beautiful! It looks very similar to a day I had there a few years ago.

  2. Thanks Elisa - the south coast of Spain (Seville, Granada, Valencia etc.) was my favourite part of Europe we visited - just stunning!