Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 31

Porto - Lisbon

We left Porto early to maximise sight-seeing time in Lisbon and drove for around 150 minutes to our hotel, located in this stunning, wisteria-framed street.

We immediately checked in our bags and set off for some lunch. A nearby local eatery with a sunny outdoor area caught our eye. We spotted a group of older men eating steak, eggs and potatoes. After a little pointing and smiling, we were soon eating this simple, yet delicious (and cheap - oh Portugal, you are so very affordable!) meal.

Satisfied, we headed in the direction of Rato metro station and enjoyed a stroll through the nearby park, followed by a brief visit to the Basílica da Estrela.

The number 28 tram (the best for sight seeing, we were told) leaves regularly from just outside the cathedral and snakes its way around the narrow, steep streets of Lisbon. We decided a ride would be a great way to orientate ourselves quickly with the city.

Within ten minutes, torrential rain hit from all angles, meaning tram windows had to be closed and our little carriage soon fogged up - so much for a scenic tour! Feeling wet and weary, at the tram terminus my beloved and I hailed a taxi and spent a quiet couple of hours relaxing at "home" and chatting with fellow guesthouse visitors.

When our travel companions returned and warmed up after their waterlogged adventures, we set off for some chicken piri piri. This was something I had been looking forward to  salivating about since before departing - moist roast chook, basted in delicious chili sauce, accompanied with chips, salad and beer. I was one happy chicken (no pun intended!).

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