Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healing (oh the irony!) and C25K training

December 19 – Healing 

What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011? 
(Author: Leoni Allan)

Today's prompt seems like a cruel, cruel irony right now. Despite this, it does lend itself well to a description of my day and my now delayed 5k running preparation. At around 7am this morning I decided to go for a 45km bike ride in Melbourne's east. Nearing the halfway point of the ride (a café, of course!), I rode off the bike path, onto the grass area next to it and, in attempt to get back onto the path, mistook the height of the asphalt and ended up sprawled across the pavement, missing quite a bit of my epidermis! Here's the evidence (*WARNING* slight gore factor, but I have refrained from posting the most gruesome bits):
Shredded 2XU compression skins - there goes $100...but better those shredded than my skin! Mind you, there's about a 4x4cm section of skin missing from my knee!
Elbow ouchies!
Even my thumb didn't escape the fall! (Note that the cats seem more interested in any potential food than their mother's wellbeing!)

My accident has two implications for today's blog post. Firstly, in response to today's reverb10 prompt, I can say that I really do hope that these physical aches and pains mend in 2011. Secondly, with regard to my C25K training, I might have to take it easy for the next week or so. Let's hope I can pull some miracle out of the bag for improving my endurance in January!