Sunday, December 5, 2010

Servery & Spoon

Where: Servery & Spoon (137-139 Waverley Road, Malvern East VIC 3145) 
What: Sunday breakfast
Rating: 11.5/20

My beloved and I have wandered past Servery & Spoon on a number of occasions. With it's funky décor (think mismatching furniture, piles of old books topped with jars of flowers and illuminated bird cages hanging from the ceiling) and rustic looking baked goods, we had been meaning to try the café for a number of months. 
We arrived to a packed venue - the trendies were out in force - and ordered coffees (two thumbs up to the barista). Breakfast was soon ordered - a mixed bag assortment of light breakky favourites for me (soft boiled egg, toast soldiers, vanilla Greek yoghurt topped with muesli and fresh fruit) and a breakfast tortilla for my beloved (scrambled eggs, bacon, rocket, aioli and avocado salsa). The latter was truly the highlight of the meal. Well seasoned, fresh and tasty.
Here it is:

While reasonable, my meal (below) could have been greatly ameliorated by a bit more thoughtfulness on the part of the chef. 
The egg was slightly overcooked, meaning any runny goodness was difficult to collect on my toast soldiers, which were sadly stone cold when the dish arrived. Moreover, seasonal fruit really should have been provided. Apples and oranges in December? Bland! The good news was that the yoghurt and cereal was really delicious - a creamy and nutty synergy. However, for a dish this simple, I feel it is essential for all elements to be perfect. 

Another disappointment was the fact that water was self serve and bottles/jugs weren't available at tables. I know, I know, I'm hard to please. I just like to be hydrated on a Sunday morning and prefer not to be leaping out of my seat every five minutes to refill the small glass provided from a communal "libation station".  

This place is quirky, funky and clearly loved by the locals. I would certainly return for a second try (based on the delicious burrito and excellent coffee), but hope some improvements are considered. 

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