Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wine @ 129

Where: Wine @ 129 (129 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123)
What: After work drinks and dinner
Rating: 10/20

I'm going to keep my review of Wine @ 129 short and sweet, because I have very little to say and unfortunately did not have my camera/phone with me (hence the lack of pictures). The venue is small, but comfortable and modern, with a touch of history (evidenced by the exposed brick walls teamed with beautifully ornate high ceilings). The staff were courteous and efficient, but not memorable in any way. So far so good.
However, the food, while described in incredibly appetising detail on the chalkboard menu, was disappointing and overpriced. Our soft shell crab did not seem to have even remotely united with the coconut or coriander as described on the menu. Similarly, chili seemed to be lacking from some of the purportedly "hot" dishes. The food highlight of the evening were the empanadas, but at nearly $15 (from memory) for four small pastries, I was not particularly impressed. The one dessert on offer - a chocolate, mint mousse topped with a layer of raspberry jelly - was extremely heavy, with a consistency not dissimilar to warmed margarine. While the food wasn't inedible, it certainly wasn't anything to write home about.
I would strongly recommend that the establishment seek to ameliorate the quality of their food to better match the excellent effort they have put into creating a welcoming wine bar ambiance.Wine @ 129 on Urbanspoon


  1. Agreed. Also the wine list isn't actually that crash hot either. Unfortunately the staff have no knowledge of wines either which makes it hard it you want to try something new as you can't get a worthy description of the style. Agreed that the ambiance and interior decor is fantastic though!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Our table drank beer and cider on the night in question, so it's good to have a bit of info on the wine side of things - cheers!