Friday, December 17, 2010

Thoughts on my first 5k training

I’ve commenced training for my forthcoming 5k event and am feeling like a big mixing bowl of nerves, curiosity, energy and confusion. On Tuesday, I played two games of basketball and had a break from exercise on Wednesday. Yesterday, I commenced day one, week two of the C25K program. As I noted in a previous post, I decided to forgo week one, as I am on a tight schedule (the event is in early February). Week two of C25K involves 90 second jogging intervals, followed by 120 second walks over 20 minutes, bookended by two five minute warm up/cool down walks. I received a free week long trial pass to the gym at work, which, I was very happy to learn, is particularly well equipped. The treadmills even have a touch screen and USB port for uploading run statistics. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my USB stick on hand, so can’t fully remember the results. I do recall that I had covered 3.5km by the end of the half hour. 

I have to confess that during and after the treadmill session I didn’t in any way feel tired, sweaty or out of breath. Indeed, after 30-45 seconds of my walks yesterday, I was ready and rearing to jog again. I’m not sure whether it’s because treadmill running is significantly easier than pounding the pavement; whether I have a greater level of basic fitness than others who attempt the program; or if my treadmill speeds were too slow. I can tell you that (according to the treadmill), my jogs were at 10km/h (6.2m/h) and my walks were between 6.5 (4) and 7km/h (4.35m/h). I’m not trying to build speed in anyway – rather, I’m intent on working up to being able to cover a 5k distance. 

I am acutely aware that the C25K program does not in any way advocate skipping weeks, but in all honesty, I am tempted to start day 1, week 3 of the program after work this evening – a 5 minute warm up, followed by two repetitions of the following:
 Jog 90 seconds; then  
Walk 90 seconds; then   
 Jog 3 minutes; then  
Walk 3 minutes.  
    It sounds doable and perhaps more challenging than week two. However, I remain somewhat conflicted with regard to the best approach – perhaps I should try running outside instead, or trying a different type of treadmill, or even sticking at week two and just taking the whole thing slow. So many questions and probably just as many answers!

    I would be particularly eager to hear from anyone with comments or suggestions on this, or perhaps even about your own experience with building endurance.

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