Monday, July 4, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 11

Landkreis Straubing-Bogen

Day 11 was probably the low-point of our trip (not destination-wise - the region is just stunning), but in terms of my beloved's health. His gastroenteritis meant that we were unable to head to Prague today, as planned. Obviously, we were both pretty devastated to miss out on the very atmospheric Czech city, but in hindsight, I know the decision to remain in Bavaria was correct (especially as Mike's health deteriorated throughout the course of the day). Fear not, all was well after a few days of rest.

As I noted in my previous post, I suspect that the next few days/posts will seem inconceivably boring to readers. In any case, I will provide a brief run down of these rather quiet, low-key days. Bullet points seem more appropriate for the mundaneness (and lack of photos!) for the next two days. So, here goes. Day 11 highlights included:

  • a little walk outside, where we enjoyed the exquisite Spring weather;
  • watching handball (while simultaneously trying to establish the rules of handball!); and
  • playing scrabble and cards.
I know, I know - devastatingly interesting, right?! Stick with me people - it'll all become far more entertaining in a couple of days. Promise!

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