Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 16


As one of our hosts was working and my beloved was still recovering from his tummy bug, today was rather low key. After a little sleep in, we strolled into town to pick up some essentials (this included bananas for us Aussies - we nearly have to mortgage our house to purchase a bunch of bananas in our homeland at the moment!).

Lunch consisted of leftover sandwich cake - the gift that keeps on giving! Indeed, it seems to improve with time, just like a good curry or casserole. Soon after lunch, the jet lag kicked in and it was time for a siesta (clearly we were preparing ourselves well for our subsequent time in Spain and Italy!).

Well rested, we headed to the parents of one of our hosts for a big BBQ dinner, where we thoroughly enjoyed tucking into barbecued pork, sliders, grilled mixed veggies and lots of potato (of the salad and gratin varieties), followed by cinnamon rolls and strawberries. We certainly didn't go hungry! The family seemed to take great enjoyment in making me try O. P. Anderson Aquavit - an apparent classic in these parts of the world. I highly recommend that you don't try it - talk about mind numbing! But...local apple cider? Now, that's another story altogether!

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