Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 17


As the Germans would say, today was arschkalt (literal translation: arse cold). We were up early and rugged up in numerous layers before heading in the direction of Sankt Olof for a draisine ride along an old railway line. The views while cycling along the track were particularly picturesque and were made all the more special by the blooming Spring flora.

After nearly an hour of pedalling, our two small vehicles had reached the end of the track, where we took a short walk to a nearby lake for a picnic lunch. Having grossly overestimated the cycling time required, it was also an early lunch - a 10:30am lunch to be precise. Clearly we're efficient bikers!

As we resumed our cycling duties, we realised that the return trip was to be a little more strenuous, as it was very slightly uphill. The view was definitely worth all of our hard work - don't you think?

Rather than returning home, we headed to the nearby Äpplets Hus in Kivik where we picked up a few apple-themed gifts for our loved ones, as well as a couple of bottles of cider to accompany our evening meal. After another quick detour (this time to the Kivik harbour for a short stroll and toilet break), we returned home where the more sci-fi inclined (how politically correct am I?!) around me insisted on subjecting me to the film, Serenity. In all honesty, I didn't mind the film - the occasional sci-fi flick can be fun, after all (albeit somewhat confusing to my simple mind!).

Our evening meal consisted of various leftovers and was capped off nicely with some homemade mandelmusslor and a "dream" biscuit for dessert.

Then came the moment I had been waiting for since arriving in Europe - Eurovision2011 - crass, tacky dross - love it! What a great way to commemorate our last evening in Sweden!

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