Friday, July 8, 2011

Eurotrip2011: Day 15

Munich - Copenhagen - Hässleholm 

We woke up at a rather ungodly hour to make our flight to Copenhagen. Our Munich host kindly drove us to the airport and we shared a farewell breakfast pre-flight. Our flight was quick and uneventful, but the baggage claim process seemed to take longer than usual...or perhaps I was just eager for the meal that was to come. In any case, we had some of the most tasteless, politically incorrect marketing to keep us entertained within the baggage claim area. *cringe*

We passed through immigration and saw our Swedish-Kiwi (henceforth: Swiwi) host after around ten seconds of allegedly appearing confused. We then dropped off our luggage at airport storage and sent my beloved towards the train station to explore the city centre (his poor health in previous days meant he decided not join me at Noma), while us "ladies" took a cab to Noma - the world's number one restaurant according to the S. Pellegrino ratings. I have previously blogged about our wonderful meal at Noma and recommend anyone who hasn't read the post, do so here. What a very special experience!

After our meal, we met my beloved (who, incidentally, had a great time exploring the colourful city of Copenhagen) and took a train to our hosts' residence in the south of Sweden. We met the second of our two hosts at the hairdressers and waited until both had both been "beautified" in the hair department before heading the "Fruit and Veg Hotel" - fully decked out with themed decor, complimentary toiletries and chocolates on the pillow! I can highly recommend the cumquat suite...though the price was pretty steep! ;) It was a very sweet gesture and our evening was only made better by a seriously sensational Swedish (ooh, there's some alliteration for you!) meal - the sandwich cake. This savoury cake incorporates long pieces of bread, mayonaise, egg and shrimp (among other delicious things), which are layered and refrigerated to allow the flavours to really amplify. The result? A light and tasty dish - yum!

During the evening our hosts also took us on a tour of their local supermarket and I couldn't resist giggling at the amazing array of cheese-in-a-tube and a brown, oozy confectionary called (wait for it...) "Plopp" - classic!


  1. sandwich cake.. sigh... big big sigh... everytime you have mentioned sandwich cake in your blog, I have cringed. LOL. Being from Finland, I have certainly had my fair share of those and every one of them has been awful! Eeeeek! But there are definitely people who absolutely love them! I don't get it. I usually love all the individual ingredients, but when put together like that.. no no no no no. Eeeeeeek!

  2. HAHAHA!! I had high hopes for sandwich cake and for me they were not only met, but exceeded. I guess it's an individual taste thing...and I think our cooks had perfected the art of making it, which would have also helped.
    Speaking of tastes, earlier this week I bought a Heaven rocky road from our local servo. At present, it's sitting in our freezer, but I intend to try it this weekend. I'll let you know what I think :)

  3. What you called "fish-in-a-tube" is actually cheese Georg. And we were going more for 'fun' not 'sweet' but o well.

  4. I stand corrected - change made re: tube cheese. Though I refuse to change sweet to's all about perception, right?! :P

  5. For the advanced viewer, you will also notice there are cheese-in-a-tub just below the tubes \o/

  6. ...ooh and so there is! What good eyes you have, Anonymous... :P

  7. *grin* I hope you will like it! If you don't, I will happily finish it for you. :))) I had yet another one of those last night. I don't think I will ever be able to lose weight. Eeeeeek!

    My mom is a big fan of sandwich cakes.. sigh.. By the way, I don't think I have ever seen one with prawns.. sounds very Swedish. In Finland they are usually made with either ham of some sort or salmon.